About Me

 Hello my name is Jessica and I'm a "Self Taught" graphic designer. I started doing graphic design about 6 years ago.  I've always had been a creative type of person. When I was younger I wrote poetry, short stories, and loved drawing. I like bright colors and unique Patterns.
I got into theming my Android phone (Adding my own Wallpapers, home replacement themes, icons, fonts, and homescreen widgets).
I loved the idea of having my phone designed with my own look and style. I was really into the theming community on Instagram and met a lot of great people. After buying and downloading themes from other themers and The Google Play Store, I decided to start making my own just to share on my Instagram page.

I started a blog called, Dazzle_My_droid so I could share and showcase my designs. I taught myself how to use Photoshop, illustrator, Eclipse, Gimp, Fontlab, and a host of other applications and design software. I still design for mobile devices just not as often as I used to... 

As I learned more techniques and different software programs, I got into making logos and business cards. I enjoyed doing it so much that I decided to start my own business designing logos and business cards. That's how Creative Flow Designz was born.